Friday, July 3, 2009

Fabulous Footwear

What’s hot right now for weddings?E.S.N.Y Occasions fabulous footwear that looks as good as it feels. Every bride wants some comfort on their wedding day so that’s why we designed this great line. All the E.V.A. flip-flops are really lightweight and you don’t have to worry about wearing a heavy shoe. Some of the styles are beaded and some of them are a little bit more plain.We were very conscious to design a line that had different colors in it. Most of our styles come in ivory or white. We also have some that are silver and it just goes with any dress. The black ones we did because they’re great for your bachelorette party or they make a great gift for your bridesmaids as well. All the flip-flops come in different heights. We have some styles with a mid wedge that’s about 2 inches or we also have a style that’s about 3 ½ inches high. And for destination weddings the very flat shoes are perfect. They all come in a very light weight mesh bag, so there easy to bring with you on the go as a second pair of shoes or just as your main shoe.We’ve also got great satin beaded slipper for the flower girls as well. They come in pink, white, and ivory so that they’ll match her dress and she’ll feel like Cinderella everyday.Many of the styles that we have you can wear after your wedding as well. Their not just bridal specific. They’re all very nicely adorned and they don’t dress down your look at all. You still will look gorgeous and your feet will look great!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Youthful Flavors

When serving appetizers at a cocktail party or before a meal, think outside the box. No need to have a basic platter of cheese on the side table or waiters passing food on silver trays for guests to take with their hands. Instead, make it young, fun and fresh by presenting food in different ways. It’s amazing how a stick or a spoon can take a one-bite treat and make it something extra special. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the images shown. A tray with spoons topped with a delicious mousse, wonderful sashimi, or delicious marinated olives lined up on a tray looks elegant and is easy to eat. No matter what or how you serve an appetizer, make sure it’s bite-size. There’s nothing attractive about seeing a guest juggle bite into an appetizer that’s really a small first course!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few quick planning tips.

Bands-Personalize the entertainment - give some script ideas to the band leader. Note funny and meaningful facts about your courtship and members of family or close friends – and ask for the band to squeeze these comments in between songs.

Bar time-Stop serving alcohol one-half hour to an hour before the end of the reception, to limit guests from drinking too much before driving home. If you have big drinkers in your crowd, try to plan accordingly, by offering end-of-the-night transportation, or having your reception at a hotel where your guests can rent rooms.

Beauty-Make sure you’re comfortable with the hair stylist you choose. Be sure to take along any veil or head pieces as well as a picture of the dress to give them an idea of what they are working with. Trial hair runs are a must!

Bridal Shows-Temporarily rent a PO Box for all of the wedding related material, including free drawings and giveaway information, to come to. After the wedding you simply cancel the PO Box. (GREAT idea to do with e-mail as well!)

Cakes-Add even more meaning to the cake moment by personally serving a piece to one another's parents after you've fed each other. Your parents will be honored!

Ceremony-It is not written in stone that your wedding ceremony has to take place between ten and two. Think about having an evening wedding by doing the photos first and therefore not making your guests wait around for the shin dig to re-start between the ceremony and dinner.

DJ’s-DJ’s can switch up the music for cocktail time and reception. What mood do you want to create?

Etiquette-Flower girls and ring bearers should be between four and eight years of age. While a two-year old may be really cute, this tiny person is not predictable. Go for adorable, sentimental, and age appropriate.

Flowers-For a calm and earthy mood, create centerpieces using green plants. Match up fragrant, flowering herbs, such as basil and oregano, with variegated leaves and wild flowers.

Gifts & Registry-If you already have most of the everyday ware, think of registering at specialty stores – art galleries, hardware or luggage stores, or even travel agencies!

Gowns-As emotional as you are, don’t let sales persons or well-meaning family and friends talk you into a dress you have doubts about. Pay attention to the moment that you felt a tingle, a sparkle…the instant you saw the dress in the mirror.

Honeymoon-Are you doing most of the wedding planning? How about putting your groom in charge of the honeymoon details? Lots of guys like to plan the honeymoon because this is where they get to be adventurous and romantic. Brides, give him a few “dreamy locations” and a couple of “absolutely-not’s,” and let him surprise you!

Invitations-Get creative with your invitations! Try box-style invitations with mini objects illustrating your theme inside or try wrapping your invitations in monogrammed paper. This will serve as the first impression, make it spectacular!

Music-Whether you hire a DJ or a band or burn your own music, choreograph your first dance and make sure it’s part of the play list.

Personalized Ideas-Consider making photo books with old photos of you and your friends. Spend some time thinking of all the things you’ve been through and give these cherished, personalized gifts to your maid of honor and best man.

Photography- Have supplies for a wedding scrap book on hand at your reception so your guests can take Polaroid’s AND create pages for your book on site. What fun for the guests to create and for you to enjoy afterwards! Pre-Wedding / Engagement A good test for a photographer is the engagement photo. Pay attention to the way he/she communicates and whether or not you are handled in a relaxed but professional manner. Is this person willing to work with you? Do you love the results? Is the customer service excellent? Don’t sign up for the package deal until you’ve seen the end result.

Reception-Create a memorable, take-home token for your guests and set up digital photo booths during the cocktail hour. Have the memory card processed at a nearby one-hour shop and present the guests with a framed photo.

Transportation-After booking your luxury limo for your wedding date, strategically plan out times, stop-off's and routes. Consider transporting other guests if you have gaps in times or layovers.

Videographer-Entertain your guests with a brief, after-dinner creative flick that’s more than just snapshots of you and your honey in diapers. Arrange to have your videographer do tongue-in-cheek interviews with close friends and family.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our services

Events That Amaze provides full service event planning throughout Tampa Bay! A planner is a consultant for your event. Our purpose is to help organize, coordinate and execute your event. We specialize in weddings, milestone celebrations and special events. Throughout the planning process, we act as your spokesperson, your personal researcher and most importantly, your troubleshooter. We are dedicated professionals who have experience planning events, therefore, we understand the importance of organization and prioritizing. Throughout our planning travels, we’ve come to understand budgets and all costs associated with weddings, which lets us work within your budget. We create a detailed “master plan” that leaves no detail out and lets you, the honoree; enjoy your wedding stress and hassle free. The ability to enjoy your own wedding with out stress or worry is invaluable, and we are here to ensure that is exactly what happens!